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Revealing how to hack fish shooting successfully the first time

Fish shooting is a game that is too familiar to those who love online games. To be able to earn many bonus points, each experience is not enough. Players need to prepare a few more fish shooting hacking tricks to improve their ability to earn rewards. Explore the following article of 30JILI , we will share useful information for you to shoot fish hack deliciously.

What is fish shooting hack?

What is fish shooting hack?
What is fish shooting hack?

Hacking fish shooting is a way to use advanced playing tactics or take advantage of game loopholes to directly impact the game system. We will take advantage of this negligence to create advantages for ourselves, thereby improving the ability to destroy targets.

Currently, hacking fish shooting games is divided into two directions: skillfully applying effective fish shooting tactics and using hacking tools to read the game’s algorithm.

Hack fish shooting game with game playing strategy

30JILI opens the fish shooting hacking section with super cool tactics, taking advantage of the table’s terrain and the nature of the fish to defeat them in the blink of an eye:

Hack fish shooting game with game playing strategy
Hack fish shooting game with game playing strategy

Mustache shooting strategy

The mistake of many gamers is to focus too much on big fish, ignoring small targets. This will cause you to lose a lot of bullets but the rate of earning points is low, moreover, we completely ignore the opportunity to destroy small fish.

Analyze it like this, you lose 200 points to get 400 points for a big fish. But with the same bullet size, you can get 3 small fish worth 150 points each.

Also, you will lose all your ammo if you let that big fish slip away, while the small fish are still running on the table.

To apply this fish shooting hack , we will control the gun barrel to rotate around the table to shoot at as many targets as possible. Then, aim at the small fish and shoot one shot at a time and gradually increase the amount of bullets until they are defeated.

In fact, with the first damage phase when you turn the gun, the small fish with low health are extremely sluggish, you just need to add a few more bullets to take them down.

Shoot fish in the corner of the screen

The purpose of using the corners of the screen is to increase the damage to the target. First, the bettor shoots a few bullets at the wall. Then, the corner of the wall will make the bullet bounce back to the fish on the table. At the same time, you quickly shoot another bullet directly at that target. 

At this point, at least 3 bullets will hit the target and the chance of taking them down will be twice as high. Note that this tactic is more likely to be successful if applied to fish moving into the corner rather than fish in the center.

Shoot fish individually and in groups

If you want to kill fish that are swimming alone, we will use medium-sized bullets to limit the waste of coins. If you shoot 3 to 5 bullets but the fish still does not die, switch to another target. This tactic helps players save bullets and focus on other more suitable fish.

If you are facing a pack of about 10, quickly change to a bullet with greater damage and keep the frequency of 3 to 5 bullets.

By following this cycle, we will not waste points and find targets suitable for the current gun level.

Tank shooting tactics

A fish shooting hacking strategy that helps bettors apply and earn a lot of coins is to increase the bullets. This trick assumes that you will initially shoot with a small number of bullets and gradually increase to the maximum level. For example, we start with 1 bullet and gradually increase in order 2, 3, 4, 5, …, 100 bullets.

According to statistics, by the 100th bullet you will have to pay 558 coins but the minimum score earned is 1000. Therefore, you always make a profit no matter which bullet you stop at or how many fish you kill.

This way of hacking fish shooting game depends a lot on the frequency of your clicks, the later you will have to do it faster. Therefore, gamers need to practice, avoid applying it ineffectively.

Use multiple types of bullets in succession

The ability to destroy large targets such as dragons, mermaids, sharks, etc. with only one type of bullet is impossible. Therefore, when the boss appears, continuously change the bullet types, use heavy weapons to be able to collect money.

This hacked fish shooting method requires a variety of weapons, players will diligently participate in hunting trips to collect items. That will be the material to upgrade weapons, create great cannons with destructive power.

Hack fish shooting game with software

Fish hunting techniques are not easy for newbies, to master it will take time to practice. Therefore, 30JILI will quickly introduce more ways to hack fish shooting with the following specialized software:

Hack fish shooting game with software
Hack fish shooting game with software

Appsara Software

This fish shooting hack software has just been launched on the market recently. However, it is supported by many players thanks to its outstanding advantages. Along with that is the easy way to use, suitable for all subjects.

To download the Appsara application, search on Google and find its APK file. Then, download and unzip the software => Click Enable to set up => Follow the on-screen instructions and click Ok and you’re done.

Lucky Patcher Software

Among a variety of fish shooting hack software, Lucky Patcher is still a prominent name. This fish shooting hack application allows players to multiply a large number of diamonds. From that income, you will take it to exchange items, upgrade bullets to make it easier to play.

Although it does not directly affect the outcome of the game, Lucky Patcher is a great support for equipping weapons. The rest of the player’s job is to use their inherent fishing skills to earn bonus points.

Game Killer software hack fish shooting

Game Killer is a specialized software for hacking fish shooting games. It works by attacking the technical loopholes of the game to make it easier for players to destroy fish. That is, if before you needed 10 bullets to destroy a medium-sized fish, then with this hacked fish shooting software, you will only need 5 bullets or less.


Through the article, has shared some effective ways to hack fish shooting . In addition, reputable fish shooting hacking software is also shared by the house. If you find any option suitable, take the time to research and apply it best.