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Share baccarat card counting techniques from 30JILI experts

If you have played Baccarat, you must have heard about Baccarat card counting technique. So what are the benefits of this card counting technique? How to apply it? 30JILI experts will answer your questions right away!

Introduction to baccarat game

Baccarat players will often find this game quite similar to the three-card scratch game in Philippines. This is a very familiar 52-card game.

To play baccarat at an online casino, players only need to place bets on the game’s betting options. After that, the rest will be decided by the house to win or lose.

In general, baccarat is a simple and easy to win game. Especially when the bookies today often offer very high payout rates for baccarat. This is also the reason why baccarat has become a favorite game of many bettors.

Introduction to baccarat game
Introduction to baccarat game

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Baccarat card counting techniques from 30JILI experts

To win this game, you need to learn the rules and practice your skills, including the popular baccarat card counting techniques that are widely used by experts, as follows:

Baccarat playing techniques according to the rules of each table

Industry experts have a very simple way to play baccarat that has been successfully applied. Here are the rules for the cards that appear on the table. Depending on the rules of the game, you will decide to bet in each specific case as follows:

1: Periodic repeat output

If you see the banker and player cards alternate repeatedly, you just need to wait for the door and choose the next door. For example, if the last game came out as banker, then next you can bet on player. If the card is reversed, you bet on the door that just lost, you will definitely win.

2: Win 2 times in a row, repeat 3 rounds

In case the game has a stable 3-round result, you just follow this rule. For example, as soon as the dealer’s hand comes out, you bet on the player’s hand to keep up with the dealer’s hand. The winning rate is 89%.

3: 3 consecutive times on the same door

When the Banker door appears 3 times in a row, and the Player door also appears 3 times or more, you wait for 3 more rounds. In the first two rounds, if the Banker wins consecutively and the first round of Player wins, then bet on the Player door for the next round.

If the rules you are following are broken, then you should start over. You also accept that with a few losses, your chances of winning are still much higher than if you did not watch your cards.

Baccarat card counting technique on demand

Baccarat card counting technique on demand
Baccarat card counting technique on demand

In fact, when playing baccarat, there will be cases where the cards are even, the winning and losing sides are consecutive. In particular, the possibility of this type of card occurring is quite high, except for some cards that do not follow the rules.

Experts often use this rule to bet and make huge profits when playing baccarat. To learn this way, follow these steps:

Step 1: Find the card string

When you see a 6-card streak of player/banker, it means the streak has appeared.

Step 2: Wait for Banker / Player line

When the card sequence appears, you wait for 2 more rounds to consider the situation. If you continue to bet on that door, or if there are signs, you will seize the opportunity immediately. You should not constantly change the betting door to avoid losing.

Step 3: Place your bet

You bet on the winning/out streak until the streak is over. If the streak breaks, you go back and change your betting method. Remember that a trick cannot be applied continuously on the table and you need to change it to have the highest chance of winning.

If you feel any unusual signs or suspect that the door has a problem, do not continue to place the order.

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Baccarat card counting technique without doubling

As we know, martingale is playing baccarat in order of numbers 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8… and the next bet is the sum of the previous 2 bets. With these games, you can easily get exhausted when you don’t have a large bet or can’t wait to win. As a result, you lose all your capital.

Therefore, for those who want to win big, take the opportunity to bet 1-1, which means the results change continuously but are stable.

Like the first case above, this bridge will not last long but it can bring you big wins. It can be from 4 to 8 beats, so when you bet, choose 3 or 4 and you will win until the bridge runs out.

Things to know when playing baccarat

Use multiple techniques in one game

There are times when the bookmaker does not follow any rules for you to apply the usual betting method, so at those times you should stop or consider to place the bet correctly.

Watch how the table arranges the cards exactly according to the rules. Better yet, equip yourself with different card playing techniques to apply at the right time.

Keep your mind at ease

Focusing too much on winning or losing in betting often does not lead to good results for the player. Therefore, you must be mentally comfortable, not greedy for winning or greedy for losing.

If you lose a lot and lose your mind, you should take a break to change your luck.

Be patient when counting cards.

The difference between playing regular baccarat and counting cards is that the game will take longer to prepare. So if you are in a hurry and want to win as soon as you enter the casino, you will not be able to play cards as the technique shared.

Be patient when counting cards.
Be patient when counting cards.

Bankroll Management

First, manage your account, how much today and how to bet on each match. Next, consider how much you will lose so that it does not affect your finances. Ideally, you should only bet within 10% of your money in one bet.

Not all good techniques are shared by experts, however, the above tips have been successfully applied by many people. If you are looking for baccarat card counting techniques to increase your chances of winning in this game, why not apply them to the game today!